Earth Day 2021 | How to Help Save the Earth

Earth Day 2021 is a very important day here at Tribe Azul, we work hard to ensure we are a sustainable brand. We have a vision of an Earth where people live in harmony with the environment; where we leave the Earth in better shape than we found it, and our kids know what it takes to keep the Earth in good shape. If we can all work together to make the Earth a better place then there is hope for future generations. We are committed to using less chemicals, less waste, and less plastic. At Tribe Azul, we believe less is more. 

Less Chemicals - Organic Cotton

Sprayed with 16% of all insecticides and 7% of all pesticides on earth, conventional cotton is the most chemical-heavy crop in the world.  Simply by switching to clothing made from Organic Cotton, you’re helping reduce the number of chemicals that make their way into the environment. 


Less Water Waste - Organic Cotton

By using sustainable farming methods, such as crop rotation, reducing pesticides, and using “green water” (rainwater and water retained in the soil), Organic Cotton uses 91% less “blue water” (water from lakes and rivers), creates less pollution and emits fewer greenhouse gases during its production. 

Less Plastic Waste 

Tribe Azul is committed to addressing the world’s single-use plastic crisis. Not only do we use 100% recyclable packaging, but by combining our Organic Cotton with the recycled polyester fabric, or rPET, (plastic bottles), we’re actively creating a circular economy. 

We advocate for teaching the younger generation these things so that they can take care of the earth and celebrate Earth Day even when we are long gone. We believe that as parents we can set the foundation in their hearts and minds to take care of our Earth.

Here are some ways that we can all have a “less” outlook during our day to day activities.

Reducing our plastic use

By switching to glass containers in your home, we can reduce the amount of plastic we use. We can also use cotton totes when grocery shopping to reduce the amount of plastic we use while out and about. We have one that’s perfect for all your shopping and daily activities and you can shop it here.

We can try and buy products that are in packaging that can easily be recycled, avoiding single use plastic. We can opt for reusable water bottles rather than plastic water bottles. We can also drink our coffee at home to avoid the plastic lids we get with coffee to go, we have a coffee mug you can shop here.

We can also recycle the plastic that comes into our homes and search for where to recycling in our towns.

Using Less Water 

By turning off the sink while we brush our teeth or wash our face, we save water. We can also commit to using less water when we shower and when we water our gardens. 

Recycle and Re-use

By thrifting household items, like couches, chairs, lamps, and knick-knacks we are helping out with fewer items being produced, which in turn helps our earth! Don’t forget you can donate your old household items to places like Red Racks, Goodwill, and your local charities as a form of recycling. 

It’s easy to look past these tasks that can seem so simple, but they are what makes all the difference in the world and it’s a good reminder to have Earth Day come around once a year, although here at Tribe Azul Earth Day is every day. Shop with us to help the earth have less chemicals, less waste, and less plastic. 

You can contact us here, shop our women’s collection here, shop our men’s collection here, shop our kid’s collection here, or read more about us here. We look forward to shopping with you and making the Earth a better place for all with our organic line of clothing. 

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