Dreaming of a Green Christmas

For many of us Christmas is going to look a bit different this year, some of you may also be starting new Christmas traditions as you start your own families - why not make your new traditions sustainable?

Here are some ideas for making your Christmas more Green & sustainable:

Decorations & Cheer

  • Send e-cards rather than paper cards or use cards that have been made from recycled paper or is recyclable;
  • Recycle your Christmas tree, they can then be used for mulch or recycled into chippings that can be used in parks and woodland areas; 
  • Buy a real Christmas tree rather than a plastic tree;

  • If possible buy a tree grown locally and that has not been farmed using lots of pesticides;
  • Avoid plastic Christmas tree decorations instead opt for those made from brass, glass, paper and wood;
  • Outdoors switch to solar powered lights;
  • Try to avoid having the heating on max through out the holiday season, wrap up in those cozy pajamas and cute Christmas knit;
  • Use LED Christmas lights as they use 80% less electricity than incandescent lights;


  • Remember to bring your own shopping bags;
  • When ordering online try to combine your orders when purchasing from the same place;
  • Use sustainable wrapping paper, reuse bows and ribbons, or even repurpose other materials such as fabrics - be creative!

  • Shop sustainable brands;
  • Consider buying experience gifts such as restaurant or spa vouchers to help support struggling local businesses;
  • Try to avoid the urge to splurge - go for thoughtful, sustainable gifts that won't end out in the yard sale;
  • Make gifts to charity in the name of your loved ones;


  • Consider some meat free options over the festive season;

  • Use your leftovers to avoid food wastage - turkey and cranberry sandwiches and turkey curry are great post Christmas options;
  • Try to buy local and organic, supporting local small business, supporting the more environmental choice and also great tasting quality food; 

  • Check out your local brewers, vintners and distillers for some great Christmas tipples;
  • Avoid using disposable dinnerware & napkins;
  • Compost food waste.

Let's help Christmas retain its values of love, care, support and thoughtfulness. With some simple changes and a shift in focus we can make this beautiful festive season more sustainable.  


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