About Us

We are a family business based in California. Our vision is to provide products that are sustainable, ethically produced and environmentally friendly. We are offering clean classic basics that support a sustainable future for our families and future generations.

Tribe Azul at its core is about clean sustainable and organic apparel. Our aim for sustainability and environmentally friendly practices does not stop with our clothing, we use ethical manufacturers,100% recycled packaging and pledge to plant a tree for every item purchased.

Conventional cotton has a large carbon footprint and is the world's most heavily sprayed crop with chemicals classified as "highly toxic" by the Environmental Protection Agency. However, its natural Eco-friendly counterpart organic cotton is used by only 1% of the apparel industry. 

All of our apparel is made with either 100% organic cotton or a blend of sustainable, recycled fibers with organic cotton. 

Our organic cotton is all certified by the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). Our sustainable range of blended organic cotton and recycled polyester is certified by the Organic Blended Content Standard (OCS) verifying the presence and amount of organic material and by the Global Recycled Standard which verifies the recycled content in the final products and the maintenance of social and environmentally friendly practices. 


Tribe Azul - Changing A-Wear-Ness Together