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Supporting the planet

At TribeAzul we want to help raise awareness of the impact fashion has on the environment and how we can make the more sustainable choice to help support the planet. We are committed to taking responsibility for the environment. 

We believe in the power of both the individual and the collective. Together we can make a difference. That is why we joined the 1% better for the planet global network. 

As a member we pledge to give 1% of all our sales to environmental causes that are credible and respected. 1% for the planet is a globally recognized brand that has directed more than $260 million to environmental non-profits around the world.

When you buy anything from our online family business you can know that you are not only supporting 'small business' but you are also helping to support the work of valued environmental non-profits. Currently only 3% of philanthropic giving goes to environmental causes lets work to change that. 

Learn more about 1% for the planet: